Wintershall project manager, Steffen Liermann, 2014; "We are very happy with the work that has been done and can fully recommend Fenix to any other company looking for their kind of services."

Saudi Aramco project manager, Kirk Bartko, 2006; "Pinnacle (now Fenix) performed a large study evaluating horizontal well fracture stimulation productivity in deep high pressure gas carbonate reservoirs. The results and recommendations have been successfully applied in our fracturing program since, and are continually being referred to when hydraulic fracturing of new or existing fields is required."

Petroceltic Chief Petroleum Engineer, Fabrice Toussaint, 2011; "I strongly recommend the Fenix team to manage any future hydraulic fracturing projects. Using them Petroceltic was able to cut the total bill of hydraulic fracturing, with their additional cost included, as well as improve performance of frac jobs and productivity."

Santos team leader Fracture Stimulation, John Gilbert, 2006; "Pinnacle (now Fenix) has worked consistently to a high standard during design, implementation and post-job evaluation of over 100 stages in high stress, high temperature sandstone reservoirs, demonstrating thorough knowledge."

Shell Snr Production Technologist, Erik Schrama, 2011; "The post-frac horizontal multi-fractured offshore well study results will be used for upcoming tight gas developments. I look forward to working with you again."

Ineos Snr Completions Engineer, Chris Barrett, 2015; "Fenix has demonstrated expertise in all aspects of fracturing operations and were an important part of our successes."

Fenix Delft - Understanding Enhanced Production and Recovery