History and Focus

At Fenix we optimize production and recovery for the given reservoir properties and economic constraints in all phases of field development. We have developed and continue to develop unique expertise and technology in both hydraulic fracturing and reservoir engineering.

By evaluating both injection and production data to develop reservoir information that is consistent with both, we deliver more accurate estimates of future production and better understand how to improve both stimulation practices and productivity.

With long-term injection, e.g. for CCS, pressure support, enhanced sweep, geothermal energy or waste injection, it is critical to couple the reservoir flow to stress changes in conjunction with fracture propagation. We have the expertise and tools to conduct such fully coupled reservoir modeling.

Fenix Consulting Delft is the successor of Pinnacle Technologies Delft, founded in 1996 as a subsidiary of Pinnacle Technologies, Inc. Following a management buyout, the name Fenix Consulting Delft was introduced in 2011. Over the past decades we have applied our expertise all over the world.

Fenix Delft - Understanding Enhanced Production and Recovery