Seismic Risk Evaluation

Seismic Risk Evaluations are a request or demand that regulatory bodies around the world are imposing on more and more subsurface activities. Coming from years of experience in studying and understanding the effects of (changing) stresses in the subsurface, resulting from injection and/or production processes, Fenix is uniquely positioned to help customers in an efficient and effective manner to perform seismic risk evaluations.

For depletion plans in hydrocarbon exploitation, combined injection and production procedures in geothermal or gasstorage, enhanced recovery techniques in oil reservoirs, or any other relevant situation, Fenix has been dealing with the respective seismic risk evaluations since 2010. Finding the right balance between all relevant economic and risk drivers is our focus.

This Fenix service is concentrating on the subsurface aspects of seismic risk, likelihood and potential impact, where for the surface impact evaluations we are associated with a very experienced third party, if that aspect is required or requested.