CCS, Gas storage, Geothermal etc.

CCS/Gas storage & Geothermal

When planning, executing or optimizing a Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project, a fully coupled geomechanical reservoir model is needed to understand the fluid flow, thermal/stress effects, reservoir integrity and economic optimization over time. Fenix has the unique expertise to perform these tasks and has been doing so since the early part of the century on projects onshore Algeria, offshore the Netherlands and others. From planning with regulators and investors to execution and reservoir management, we have the expertise.

In geothermal projects both injectivity and productivity can significantly be improved with hydraulic fracturing. This will result in improved system efficiency, both direct and on the long term, and can result in improved economics. Moreover, geothermal projects are also more and more required to estimate and identify downhole risks in the project, similar to the oil and gas industry. Fenix has the expertise to model, execute and evaluate such long term injection/production in order to improve understanding of the potential and risks, and ultimately improve the economics of the project.

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