Fenix Consulting Delft is an engineering consulting company in the energy industry

Fenix provides a range of reservoir, production and stimulation engineering services with a focus on optimizing productivity and improving recovery, or ensuring safe and efficient subsurface storage. Fenix's services commonly form the basis for investment decisions in subsurface resource development projects.



Production & Stimulation Engineering

The production engineering expertise provided by Fenix is focused on hydraulic fracturing and all connected engineering involved. Our stimulation and hydraulic fracturing engineering is driven by available data

Reservoir Engineering

One of Fenix's main contributions to the industry over the years has been to improve the understanding of fractured well performance by linking fracturing results from pressure matching to 3D multi-phase, multi-layer reservoir simulation results.

Geomechanical Reservoir Engineering

Since 1990 Fenix has been involved in modeling and implementation of long-term injections (water/polymer-flooding, DCI, H2S/CO2 re-injection, gas storage projects, geothermal injection/production pairs, etc.).

Training Courses

Fenix provides a number of different training courses to the industry. We normally tailor the courses to the technical background and objectives of the students. Just inform us what you wish to achieve and we will provide you with a fitting training course.
  • SPE EAME Stimuluation ATW
    (September, 2024)

    For the upcoming SPE EAME Stimulation workshop, planned for 10-11 September 2024 in Bucharest, Romania, Fenix's Josef Shaoul is again the co-chairman and looking forward to meeting you and having good discussions on efficient production and recovery.
  • CCS Workshop 
    (January, 2023)

    CCS Workshop 
    Over the past two decades Fenix has been developing unique expertise in long term injection optimization for EOR, waste injection, geothermal and gas storage. In recent years Fenix applied that expertise to CCS, resulting in subsurface modeling for geomechanical risks, enabling injection optimization while ensuring reservoir integrity, for several of the more mature CCS development projects in the world.
  • SPE International Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference (12-14 September, 2023)
    In September 2023 Fenix Consulting Delft will be present at the SPE International Hydraulic Fracturing Conference in Muscat, Oman, supporting the event by having Josef Shaoul as a committee member. Come and talk to us in Muscat if you wish to discuss efficient field development, CCS or an other topic where we could be of value.
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