Reservoir Engineering

One of Fenix' main contributions to the industry over the years has been to improve the understanding of fractured well performance by linking fracturing results from pressure matching to 3D multi-phase, multi-layer reservoir simulation results. This is done by explicitly representing the fracture results in the dynamic reservoir simulation model, using proprietary technology and expertise.
We do this integration in a way which seamlessly fits in our customers' existing workflows, ensuring consistency and transparency. The integration is needed with multi-phase flow, but is also very significant for modeling dry gas flow in tight and/or layered reservoirs, where transient flow dominates over the life of a well and/or heterogeneity is large.

Although most fracture treatments executed around the world improve well performance, in many projects the performance is below the potential of the well. In these cases it is important to determine what causes the sub-optimal performance: insufficient fracture clean-up, damage to the reservoir rock or poor connection of the fracture to the well. Using our proprietary methodology, we can efficiently determine the likely cause of sub-optimal production in order to find the appropriate remedy.
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